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Improving design collaboration with Zeplin

Alex Salas-Wardman, Senior Visual Designer

Collaborate with early & often with 

your entire product team

"The ability to instantly export a comp and have it automatically redlined has given me so much more time to focus on making sure my comps are pixel-perfect."

AJ Mariano, Product Designer 

Export your designs in one click

"Zeplin handles the most crucial part of the process where every detail making a great design could be lost in translation"

Intuitively reference your designs

without getting lost in layers or folders

"With Zeplin there is no need to manually write out sizes or margins, type the copy, export icons. It’s simply f***ing awesome."

Alex Potrivaev, Product Designer

Watch your designs get 

instantly redlined

Arthur Bodolec, UX Archive

Ready to export your first design and share with your team? It’s time to experience the glory of Zeplin.

"In the past we found ourselves spending loads of time creating specs and guides so developers could interpret our designs. Now we can communicate all this with one hotkey!"

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